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Review: LPH-001 Quik Lok Stand


The worst part (well except for just about everything else) about being a electronic dude is the table situations in clubs. They are meant for setting drinks on, not making the artist look like a tall confident performer. Every schlub with a laptop has a picture where they are huddled nebbishly over their arcane gear, and frankly I am sick of it, so I went out and did what EDM artists do best with problems: THROW MONEY AT IT.

Enter the Quik Lok LPH-001. This company makes all kinds of stuff to hold your stuff on, and this stand is NO EXCEPTION. It will hold the fuck out of your mixer, your little keyboards, an Ableton Push, WHAT THE FUCK EVER. Anything you got (probably under 15 lbs or so to be on the safe side) will proudly be held erect by the stand with its relatively sturdy tripod design. If you are some mincing laptop dude it’ll hold that too, but why bother pretending you are a proud member of the homo sapien genus, if all you are going to do is just stand up and run MMC transport, right?

  • Pros: Its a stand. Its black. It holds your moderately size junk at a height that befits your standing in society. Rubber strips keep stuff from sliding around on the surface.
  • Cons: It doesn’t lower very well, so if you are Mr. Shortstuff, you might to try it on before you take it home. You can set it pretty high but then it becomes super precarious so whats the point? Just get a keytar strap and rock out like your nerd frat is rocking the greek games already. Doesn’t come in colors other than black if you have a problem with shades that match everything.
  • Final Verdict: If you got $40 USD and a sore back, there are worse things to waste money on.

New Arduinoboy from XIWI Electronics


For the last few years I have been abusing the Arduinoboy Midiout feature in my sets to control my external midi gear with my Nintendo Game Boy running LSDJ. This has allowed me to focus on crowd control and trying to remember the three chords each song has with some decent results. For most of that time I have been using a Scienceguy built unit, but I have never been happy about its build quality and worried about the day when the unit finally bites the dust. Recently I saw a new product from Brooklyn based tinkerer XIWI Electronics which looked pretty robust and I figured what the hell, and ordered a unit from their online shop.

The unit itself is solidly built. It has sleek looks and the detachable link cable and power supply are handy in connecting to my various Game Boy units. One thing I noticed is that some modded Game Boys are no longer able to power the Scienceguy via the link cable, so having external power is something I will have to research to see if it has any impact on solving the issue. The unit is powered using my Voodoo Labs pedal power unit that I use to power my Nord Micro Modular, my Shurthi-1, and various other gear with no complaints. The push button looks gorgeous and feels great, but in operation it is a little finicky and may require double presses to select the various modes.

In actual operation, it works like pretty much every other Arduinoboy. Some users have reported problems in getting their Arduinoboy to send midi properly, so here are my settings via the maxpat editor found on the Arduinoboy website:


A quick note:

– I use four channels of midi. 1,2,4 are controlling synths so they are just assigned one CC, CC1 for modulation. The whole range of the CC is scaled across the usable range of the CC message. The noise channel is mapped to channel 3 which controls all my various effects boxes. Here I use various CC messages to toggle on and off various effect settings for my guitars and vocals.

This is a very robust unit high value unit that simply works as advertised. The unit is sturdy and reliable in limited testing and is a good product for those who are looking for getting into LSDJ syncing and external midi control. If anyone has questions please post them in the comments.