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If you are in the 3 block radius of the transmitter! Details:

This weekend in Philly! Live on the radio: Alex Mauer, Animal Style, Cheap Dinosaurs, NO CARRIER, and Peter Swimm!

Only on: NEXUSradio –

From their website:

NEXUSradio wrote:

NEXUS/foundation for today’s art has transformed its gallery space into a low powered radio station for two months in December 2008 and January 2009. NEXUS has invited artists, musicians, performers, djs, activists, poets, scholars, local community groups and other members of the public to use the radio broadcast during gallery hours, Wednesday through Sunday 12 to 6 PM. The broadcast can be heard at 1650 AM.

NEXUSradio is a celebration of radio’s legacy, the evolution of communication technology, and a reaction to the current state of commercial media. The exhibition explores highly intimate auditory experiences, the radio signal’,’s idiosyncratic nature and radio’s own rich history through a two-month broadcast of participatory community based free-form radio. NEXUSradio is a platform for artists to investigate radio’s potential as a medium and art making space through live performance, transmission and direct interaction with audience members.

NEXUSradio reintroduces a sense of urgency into our media landscape by intentionally not providing an internet stream. By making the broadcast purely analog, listeners have to be in the surrounding area in order to tune in. NEXUSradio can be heard at 1650 AM.

We’ll be on the airwaves from noon till 3pm on Saturday, December 20th!

This is just one in a number of many events to promote 8static – watch out for Philly in 2009!!!

Highlights include:
-Live sets from Alex Mauer, Animal Style, Cheap Dinosaurs, and Peter Swimm
-Everyone involved will be interviewed and play some of their favorite chip songs (scene and game music)
-Songs from the artists playing the first three months of the new Philly chip monthly: 8static
-Mystery guests (just kidding – I’m just trying to cash in the fame of 2PP’s mystery guest!)
-More shit that will happen magically when we run out of time and need to fill space!

The only drawback? Gotta live in Philly to listen! This shit is analog only on the AM dial! Don’t worry, though – it’ll be recorded and available for download soon enough!

Thanks for reading!

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