Anatek Pocket Sync Manual

I have one of these units for some reason, so I went ahead and scanned the manual for it, which seems to be missing online. Enjoy!  

Happy Wavetable X-Mas

Found this thread on Reddit, and fixed them for LittleGPtracker. Happy Noel! Download Them Here!

ICH.BIN won the TURNTNES Compo!

I made a track using only Doomcloud‘s NES samples for the HEXAWE TURNTNES COMPO and it Won! Check out my song and the 17(!) other great tracks on the Hexawe Bandcamp TURNTNES by HEXAWE Thanks to the artists who voted,…

A Very CIA Torture Report Xmas

Don’t waste time on trying to Pandora DJ your Office Holiday party, instead enjoy this 90min CIA Curated Holiday Playlist. Happy New Year!