art by asif siddiky

Code Name: Peter Swimm
Primary Musician Specialty: Doom Chip
Secondary Musician Speciality:  Foot-To-Mouth Combat
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Grade: E-5

Descended from the Serpent Kings of prehistory, Peter Swimm is the faceless power behind T.C.T.D. (True Chip Till Death), the brains behind the creation of New York City’s monthly Pulsewave concert series, and the brawn behind a unique take on the classic chip music sound that combines surf, new wave, metal, and punk. The resulting conflagration is a musical frenzy of sounds that are organic, confrontational, and always thirsting for blood. Scientists, theologians, and politicians have many differences, but in one thing they are of the same mind: Peter Swimm is the most dangerous man alive.

Classified data can be downloaded on a need-to-know basis at burialape.com.

“ … is a growing and persistent threat to all that is wholesome and righteous about the American way of life.” – President Ronald Reagan, Keynote Address 73rd Annual “Freemasons for Freedom” Golf Invitational. March 17, 1984. Yorba Linda, CA.